Xavier Marmier, a French author, born at Pontarlier, June 24, 1809. He studied the German and other foreign languages, and became editor of the Revue Gcrmaniqne. From 1836 to 1838 he explored northern Europe, on board of a national ship of war, and was professor at Rennes from 1839 to 1841, when he received the appointment of librarian in the ministry of education, which permitted him to travel in the East, in North and South America, and in other countries. In 1846 he was placed in charge of the Ste. Genevieve library, and in 1870 was elected to the academy.He has translated Goethe's and Schiller's plays and other German works, and published miscellaneous writings, some of which relate to the history, language, and literature of Iceland, Denmark, and Sweden. His best novels, Les fiances du Sptitzbcrg (Paris, 1858) and Gazida (1860), received academical prizes. Among his books of travel are: Lettrcs sur le Nord, Danemarlc, Suede, Laponie, Spitzberg (1840; 5th ed., 1847); Du Rhin au Nil ('2 vols., 184 Lettres sur la Rvssie, la Finlande ct la Pologne: (2 vols., 1848); left res sur l'Amerique(2 v..Is., 1852); Lettrcs sur l'Adriatique et 1e Montenegro (2 vols., 1854); Voyage pittoresgut m Allemagne (2 vols., 1S58-9); En Amerique et en Europe (1859); and Souvenirs d'un voya-geur (1867). Among his more recent publications is the story book, I'Arlre de NoeI (1871).