Cains Messius Quintns Trajanns Decius, emperor of Rome from 249 to 251, born at Bubalia in Pannonia, of unknown parentage. He became a Roman general and senator, and when the legions of Mcesia revolted against the emperor Philip, he spoke in the senate against submissive measures, and was sent to bring them back to their allegiance. But the revolted army compelled him, under threats of death, to assume the purple, and to march at their head against Philip. He met and conquered the army of the emperor at Verona, toward the end of 249. Philip was slain, and Decius ascended the throne. His short reign is remarkable for a severe persecution of the Christians, for an attempt to restore the ancient independent censorship, and with it the former virtuous manners and habits of the republic, and for the first invasion of the Goths from the neighborhood of the Black sea. To defend the northern provinces of the empire against this people, Decius hastened to the Danube, but fell with his son in battle. He was succeeded by his general Gallus, to whose treach-erv the loss of the battle has been attributed.