It A Roman general, son of Marcus Agrippa and Julia, the daughter of Augustus Caesar. He was adopted by Augustus, served under Tiberius in Germany, and was sent as proconsul against the Arabians, Armenians, and Parthians. He reduced Armenia and routed Tigranes. He was treacherously wounded at a private interview with an enemy, and died from the effects. II A Christian theologian and bishop of the 3d century. His origin is uncertain, but he was a disciple of St. Irenseus. He had a conference with Proclus, the leader of the Montanists, the result of which he published in the form of a dialogue, and in 210 was appointed a bishop to the heathen in foreign parts. He regarded the epistle of St. Paul to the Hebrews as apocryphal, and was the first who wrote against Cerinthus and the Millenarians. His last work was one aimed at those who asserted that Jesus Christ was only a man. III. A saint and bishop of Rome, a native of Dalmatia, and a relative of the emperor Diocletian, succeeded Eutychian Dec. 16, 283, and died April 21, 296. At the time of the first persecution of the Christians by Diocletian, he was forced to find safety in an obscure retreat.