Manius Or Marcus (Curius Dentatus), a Roman consul, flourished in the first half of the 3d century B. 0. In 290 he became consul and defeated the Samnites; in 275, during his second consulship, he vanquished Pyrrhus in two great battles; in 274 he was elected consul a third time, and was victorious over the Samnites, Lucanians, and Bruttians. On the conclusion of his third consulship he retired to a small farm in the Sabine territory, and cultivated it with his own hands. While he was thus engaged, the Samnites sent an embassy to him with costly presents. They found him sitting at the hearth cooking vegetables for his dinner. He rejected their gifts, telling them he would rather rule over those who possessed wealth than possess it himself. In 272 he was made •censor, in which capacity he constructed an aqueduct from the Anio (Teverone) into the city, and by a canal he carried off the water of the lake Velinus (Velino) to the Nar (Nera), and thus gave to the Reateans a large tract of excellent land. He is said to have been born with teeth; hence his surname of Dentatus.