Manlii, one of the most, celebrated patrician gentes of ancient Rome, members of which held high offices in the state for about five centuries. The first of them who attained to the consulship was Cneius Manlius Cincinna-tus, consul in 480 B. C, who fell in battle against the Etruscans. - Marcus Manlius Ca-pitolinus, consul in 392 B. C, obtained his surname, according to Livy, from his defence of the capitol against the Gauls (about 390). Boused from sleep by the cackling of the sacred geese, he hastily collected a force, and repulsed the enemy, who had already gained the summit of the hill. He incurred the enmity of the patricians by his defence of plebeian debtors, was accused of aiming at the kingly power, and was for a time imprisoned. After his liberation, he instigated the plebeians to take up arms, but was arraigned for high treason before the people in the Campus Mar-tius, was condemned to death, and was thrown from the Tarpeian rock (381). The Manlian gens determined that the name of Marcus should be conferred in future upon none of its members. - The Torquati and Vulsones were families of the Manlian gens.