Callisen. I. Hendrik, a Danish surgeon, born at Preetz, Holstein, May 11, 1740, died in Copenhagen, Feb. 5, 1824. He was a surgeon in the navy, and studied abroad at the expense of the Danish government. In 1794 he became general director and the principal professor of the surgical academy, after having declined in 1787 a professorship at the university of Berlin. He retired in 1805. A second and enlarged edition of his Institutiones Chirurgim hodiernm (1777) appeared in 1798-1800, under the title of Principia Systematis Chirurgim hodiernce, and more recent editions under that of Systema Chirurgim hodiernm. It has been translated into German. II. Adolph Carl Pedcr, nephew of the preceding, born in Gliickstadt, April 8,1786. He acquired distinction as a surgical professor at Copenhagen (1816 to 1843), and as the author of a biographical dictionary of living physicians, surgeons, pharmacists, and naturalists (Medicinisches Schriftstellerlexihon der jetzt lebenden Aerzte, Wundarzte, Geburts-helfer, Apotheher und Naturforscher aller geb il-deten Volker, 33 vols., Copenhagen, 1829-45).