Caloyers, Or Calogeri(Gr Caloyers Or Calogeri 0300340 , a handsome old man), Greek monks, mostly of the order of St. Basil. Their principal convents are on Mount Athos, and are especially resorted to by young men of good family, who find there excellent teaching and a reputable mode of life. The pupils not only read the Greek fathers, but other Christian writings; and those who desire it receive a systematic course of theological instruction. The regular clergy of the Greek church is generally recruited here. Those who prefer monastic life are bound to celibacy, to abstain from meat, and to observe four lents in the year, besides other fasts. They wear a dark cassock, with a belt and a flat cap of the same hue. This is also the costume of the secular clergy, except a white band round the lower part of the cap. Some convents of Caloyers are to be found in the Morea; but they are in point of learning and discipline inferior to their brethren in the north. Among the Caloyers, besides those who live in congregations, there are anchorets, who prefer dwelling alone, or with one or two companions, in hermitages; and recluses, who live in grottoes or caverns, on alms furnished to them by the monasteries.

There are also convents of female Caloyers.