Caroline Jones (Chisholm), an English philanthropist, born at Wootton, Northamptonshire, in 1810. In her 20th year she married an officer of the Indian army, with whom she proceeded to Madras, where she established a school for the orphans of British soldiers. In 1838 she removed with Capt. Chisholm to Australia, and at Sydney she found a new call upon her exertions in the numerous young women landed there in destitution from emigrant ships. Having obtained an old building for an asylum, she trained and instructed the girls while under her charge, and found situations for both men and women. Between 1841 and 1845 she procured employment for 11,000 persons, to whom she had lent in small sums £1,200, the whole of which, excepting £16, was repaid to her. She returned to England in 1840, with thanks and a testimonial from distinguished citizens of Sydney; instituted the family colonization society, by which passage money was paid in weekly instalments; and in many ways planned to relieve emigrants of the poorer classes.

She went back to Australia in 1854, but returned to England in 1866. During her first residence in Australia she published "Voluntary Information of the People of New South Wales."