Caussin De Perceval. I. Jean Jacqnes An-toine, a French orientalist, born at Montdidier, June 24, 1759, died July 29, 1835. He published good editions of some Arabian works, among which were "Lokman's Fables" and the first three chapters of the Koran, and various translations of a historical or scientific character. II. Armand Pierre, son of the preceding, born in Paris, Jan. 13, 1795, died there in March, 1872. In 1813 he was attached to the French embassy at Constantinople to qualify himself for the post of dragoman, which he subsequently filled at Aleppo, after having explored Asia Minor, and spent a year with the Maronites on Mt. Lebanon. In 1821 he became Arabic professor at the school for modern oriental languages in Paris, and in 1833 he was installed in the chair of philology and Arabic literature at the college de France. Besides an Arabic grammar and a revised edition of Ellious Bocthor's French and Arabic dictionary, he published Essais sur l'histoire des Arabes avant l'Islamisme, pendant l'epoque de Mahomet et jusqu'a la reduction de toutes les tribus sous la loi musulmane (3 vols. 8vo, Paris, 1847), and translations from the Turkish.

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