Charles Wentworth Upham, an American author, born in St. John, New Brunswick, May 4, 1802, died in Salem, Mass., June 14, 1875. He graduated at Harvard college in 1821, and at the Cambridge divinity school in 1824, and was pastor of the first Unitarian church in Salem till December, 1844, when he left the ministry. He was mayor of Salem in 1852, member of congress in 1853-'5, for several years a member of the legislature, and in 1857-'8 president of the state senate. He edited the "Christian Register" in 1845-6, and published "Letters on the Logos" (Boston, 1828); "Lectures on Witchcraft, comprising a History of the Salem Delusion, 1692 " (1831; enlarged ed., 2 vols. 8vo, 1867); " Life of Sir Henry Vane" (in Sparks's "American Biography," 1835); "Prophecy as an Evidence of Christianity " (1835); " Life of J. C. Fremont" (1856); " Memoir of Francis Peabody " (1869); " Salem Witchcraft and Cotton Mather, a Reply" (1870); and vols, ii., iii., and iv. of the " Life of Timothy Pickering," begun by Octavius Pickering (1867-'72).