Charlotte Libertine Ernestine Von Stein, a German baroness, born in Weimar, Dec. 25, 1742, died there, Jan. 6, 1827. She was a daughter of a marshal of the grand ducal court, and in 1764 married the baron Friedrich von Stein, to whom she bore seven children, and who died in 1793. She became intimate with Goethe soon after his first arrival at Weimar in 1775. In 1788, shortly after his return from Italy and the beginning of his liaison with his future wife Christiane Vulpius, Goethe broke off his relations with Fran von Stein, though she continued to exercise much influence upon his mind. Iter tragedy Dido, edited by II. Diint-Zdv (Leipsic, 18G7), refers to Goethe and his Weimar contemporaries. A. Schott has edited Goethe's letters to her, excepting those from Italy (3 vols., Weimar, 1848-51), and those addressed by him and his mother to Frau von Stein's son appeared in 1846. Her correspondence with Schiller's wife is contained in Charlotte von Schiller und ihre Freunde (2 vols., Stuttgart, 1865). See also Charlotte von Stein, by H. Diintzer (2 vols., 1874).