Charlotte Mary Yonge, an English authoress, born at Otterbourne, Hampshire, in 1823. Her father was an army officer. She published "Abbey Church, or Self-Control and SelfConceit," in 1844, which was followed by several novels in the interest of high church doctrines, and by some volumes of history for the young, entitled "Kings of England" (1848; 7th ed., 1862) and "Landmarks of History" (3 vols., 1852-'7). In 1853 she produced " The Heir of Redclyffe," a novel, which had a very wide popularity, and reached a 17th edition in 1868. She gave £2,000, the profits of " Daisy Chain" (2 vols., 1856), to the erection of a missionary college at Auckland, New Zealand. She has published more than 30 novels and tales, 10 works of history and biography, and several miscellaneous works. Among the more recent are "Historv of Christian Names" (2 vols., 1863); " The Story of English Missionary Workers" (1871); "Life of Bishop Patterson, of the Melanesian Islands " (2 vols., 1873); "Stories of English History" (1874); and " My Young Alcides" (1876).