Chaudet. I. Autoinc Denis, a French artist, born in Paris, March 31, 1763, died April 19, 1810. His statue of Œdipus, exhibited in 1801, established his reputation as a sculptor. Among his other works are "Paul and Virginia," "Sensibility," "Surprise," the silver statue of "Peace" in the Tuileries, the "Napoleon" which previous to 1815 surmounted the column in the Place Vendome, and the bass relief of "Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture," in the Musee Napoleon. He excelled also as a painter and designer, and illustrated Didot's edition of Racine and other works. He was professor of sculpture, and contributed many written articles to the dictionary of the academy. His works tended to modify the classicism which prevailed in the French schools of art in the beginning of the present century. II. Jeanne Elisabeth Gabion, wife of the preceding, born in 1767, died about 1830. A pupil of her husband, she painted a " Child teaching a Dog to read," and many little pictures of the kind, and excelled also as a portrait painter.