Chaudon. I. Dom Louis Maieul, a French author, born at Valensolle, May 20, 1737, died at Mezin, May 28,1817. He studied in the colleges of Marseilles and Avignon, and entered the order of Benedictines. His principal work, the Nouveau dictionnaire hiistorique (Avignon, 1766), was designed to be equally removed from the prolixity of Moreri and the dryness of Ladvocat. It was the basis of the subsequent and distinct work of Feller. He wrote Lecons d'histoire et de chronologic, and Dictionnaire anti-philosophique; and for other works which he composed in defence of religion he received honorable briefs from Clement XIII. and Pius VI. II. Esprit Joseph, a French author, brother of the preceding, born at Valensolle in 1738, died in 1800. After teaching the humanities in several colleges of the Oratorians, he published in 1772, at Avignon, a valuable bibliographical work, entitled BibliotJieque d'un homme de goat, many materials of which were furnished by his brother. In 1778 he published in Paris a Dictionnaire interprete-manuel des noms latins de la geographie ancienne et moderne.