Chaumonot, Or Chaumonnot, Pierre Marie Joseph, a French missionary, born near Chatillon-sur-Seine in 1611, died at Lorette, near Quebec, Canada, Feb. 21, 1693. In early life he entered the society of Jesus in Rome, and was sent at his own request as a missionary to the North American Indians. In company with Pere Poncet he landed at Quebec in 1639, and devoted himself to the instruction of the Hu-rons, Petuns, and Neutrals. He resided among these tribes until the Hurons were dispersed by the Iroquois, when he accompanied a small body of fugitives to Quebec in 1650. In the following year he removed with the Hurons to Isle Orleans, where a Christian settlement was formed. In 1655 he visited the Onondagas, but returned to his fiock in 1658, and was instrumental in founding the mission of Notre Dame de Foye, five miles from Quebec. This establishment was removed to Lorette in 1693, and soon after Pere Chaumonot closed his career after more than half a century of hardships. He left an excellent grammar of the Huron language, published by the literary and historical society of Quebec in 1835; a list of radical and derivative words, a catechism, and a series of instructions, all in the same language, and a memoir of his own life addressed to his superior.

These last have not been published,