Christian August Vulpius, a German author, born in Weimar, Jan. 23, 1762, died there, June 26, 1827. He was educated at Jena and Erlangen, studied German romance, and published Romantische Geschichten der Vorzeit (12 vols., Leipsic, 1791-8), and Anekdoten aus der Vorzeit (2 vols., Leipsic, 1797). From 1788 to 1797 he lived in Franconia, and subsequently, after residing in various cities, returned to Weimar, where he was made secretary of the court theatre, then under the direction of Goethe. He wrote the famous robber romance Rinaldo Rinaldini (3 vols., Leipsic, 1797), and numerous comic stories and stories of the middle ages, dramas, and operas. Becoming secretary of the library, and afterward first librarian, he published Guriositdten der pJiijsisch-literarisch-artistisch-historisclien Vorund Mitwelt (10 vols., Weimar, 1810-23), and Die Vorzeit (4 vols., Erfurt, 1817-'21). - His sister, Johanna Christiane Sophia (born in Weimar, June 1,1765), became acquainted with Goethe in 1788, was employed for a time in a domestic capacity under his roof, and bore him a son; he afterward married her.

She died June 6, 1816.