Christian Matthias Theodor Mommsen, a German historian, born at Garding, Schleswig, Nov. 30, 1817. He studied at Altona and Kiel, was aided by the Berlin academy in his archaeological explorations in France and Italy (1844-'7), and in 1848 was attached to the staff of the Schleswig- Hohteirtsche Zeitung. For participation in the movements of 1848-9 he was removed from the chair of jurisprudence at Leipsic, which he had filled for two years. From 1852 to 1854 he was professor at Zurich, from 1854 to 1858 at Breslau, and from that time till February, 1874, professor of Roman archffiol-ogy in the university of Berlin, when he was reappointed professor of jurisprudence at Leip-sic and made rector of the university. He has published Oskische Studisn (Berlin, 1845; supplement, 1846); Die Unteritalienischen Dialekte (Leipsie, 1850); Ueber das Romische Munzresen (1850); Corpiis Inscriptionum Near Itamtrum (1851); and Die Stadtrechte der Latenischen Gemeinden Salpensa und Malaga (1855) Of his "History of Home" (3 vols., Berlin, 1854-'6) five editions have appeared, the last in 1869. It has been translated into French (Paris, 1863-72), and into English by W. P. Dickson (2 vols., London, 1862-3; new ed., 4 vols.. New York, 1871).