Cindad Real De Las Palmas, a fortified maritime city of the Canary islands, on the N. E. coast of Grand Canary; lat. 28° 7' N, Ion. 15° 32' W.; pop. about 14,500. It is situated on the river Angostura, at the head of a beautiful bay, and comprises an old and a new division. An aqueduct supplies the town with water. The chief public edifices are the cathedral, four churches, a convent (five others having of late years been appropriated to other purposes), the city hall, the court house (in the old inquisition building), a general and a foundling hospital, and a hospital exclusively for elephantiasis. There are a college, a semfnary, and other schools. The climate is very mild and equable, the temperature varying annually from 68° to 90° F. The port, though not well sheltered, has a mole about 900 ft. long by 80 ft. wide, and is visited yearly by a large number of ships, the steamers averaging 100, and the sailing vessels 1,000. The annual value of the exports is about $1,800,000, chiefly in cochineal, and of the imports $2,000,000. The foreign trade is principally with Great Britain, Spain, and the Spanish West Indies. The chief manufactures are hats, woollens, linens, carpets, glass and earthern ware, with shipping tackle, chairs, etc.; and ship building and fishing are extensively carried on.