An Italian Poet And Jurist Cino Da Pistoja, whose real name was Guittoncino or Guit-toxk, born at Pistoja in 1270, died there, Dec. 24, 1336. He belonged to the noble Sinibaldi family, and became a judge at Pistoja, whence he fled in 1307,'during the conflict between the parties of the white and the black. He was a prominent Guelph, and a friend of Petrarch and of Dante, who often makes complimentary allusions to him. He employed his exile in missions for his party in Lombardy and France, went with the army of the emperor Henry VII. to Rome, and subsequently held an office in Naples. Still later he taught jurisprudence at Treviso, Perugia, and Florence. His first innamorata, Sebraggia, who died soon after he married her, became the theme of his poetry, which ranks next to that of Petrarch. Subsequently he celebrated in song the marchioness Malaspina, whose family is often gratefully referred to by Dante. The most complete collection of the Rime di Menner Cino, or Poesie (Rome, 1559), was published by Campi in Pisa (1813; new ed., 1826), and the most recent is by Carducci (Florence, 1864). His commentary on Roman law, Lectura Cini de Pistoria super Codice (Pavia, 1483, and Lyons, 1526), passed through many editions.