Dee. I. A River Of N. Wales, rising among the mountains of Merionethshire, in a small lake called Bala or Llyn Tegid, flowing N. E. through the vale of Llangollen, and forming part of the boundary between Cheshire and Denbighshire. Near Aldford it enters Cheshire, and passes on to Chester, which it nearly encompasses, and where it has a width of 300 ft. Thence it is conveyed 9 m. in an artificial channel along the marshes, and finally falls into the Irish sea through an estuary 14 m. long and from 2 to 6 m. broad. Its length, exclusive of the estuary, is about 80 m. It is much obstructed by sand banks at its mouth, and is not naturally navigable, but has been improved to admit of the passage of small vessels to a point 2 or 3 m. above Chester. II. A river of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, rising in the Cairngorm mountains, flowing E. about 90 m., and entering the North sea at Aberdeen. It is noted for its romantic scenery, and has valuable salmon fisheries. III. A river of Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland, with valuable salmon fisheries. It enters Solway frith after a course of about 50 m.

IV. A river of Ireland, in the counties of Meath and Louth, 21 m. long, flowing into Dundalk bay.