Donald Grant Mitchell, an American author, horn in Norwich, Conn., in April, 1822, He graduated at Yale college in 1841, travelled in Europe, studied law in New York, and in 1847 published, under the pseudonyme of "Ik Mar vol," "Fresh Gleanings, or a New Sheaf from the Old Fields of Continental Europe." He was in Europe in 1848, and wrote "The Battle Summer" (New York, 1849). This was succeeded by a satirical work entitled "The Lorgnette," which appeared anonymously (2 vols.. 1850). In the same year appeared " The Reveries of a Bachelor," and in 1851 his "Dream Life." In 1853 he became United States consul at Venice, in 1855 returned, and has since resided on his farm of "Edgewood," near New Haven. He was for some time as-sociate editor of the "Hearth and Home," New York, and has frequently appeared as a lecture!-. His later publications are: "Fudge Doings" (2 vols., 1854); "My Farm of Edge-wood" (1863); "Wet Days at Edgewood" (1864); "Seven Stories, with Basement and Attic" (1864); "Doctor Johns" (2 vols., 1866); "Rural Studies" (1867); and "Pictures of Edgewood" (fol., 1869).