Doniphan, a N. E. county of Kansas, bounded N. by Nebraska, and separated from Missouri on the east by the Missouri river; area, 391 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 13,969. It is watered by the Missouri and several small streams, is Avell timbered, and abounds in building stone. The surface consists in part of rolling prairies, somewhat broken near the streams, but gently undulating in the interior. The river bottoms have a rich soil, generally timbered. The old overland route to California crosses the county, and the St. Joseph and Denver City and the Atchison and Nebraska railroads traverse it. The chief productions in 1870 were 158,117 bushels of wheat, 1,320,968 of Indian corn, 148,676 of oats, 28,822 of barley, 200,705 of potatoes, 6,640 tons of hay, and 194,396 lbs. of butter. There were 4,124 horses, 3,868 milch cows, 0,759 other cattle, 4,588 sheep, and 23,272 swine; 8 flour mills, 10 saw mills, 2 manufactories of saddlery and harness, and 1 of woollen goods. Capital, Troy.