Ezra Stiles, an American clergyman, born at North Haven, Conn., Dec. 15, 1727, died in New Haven, May 12, 1795. He graduated at Yale college in 1746, and was a tutor there from 1749 to 1755. He studied theology, and began preaching in June, 1749. He afterward studied law, was admitted to the bar in 1753, and practised at New Haven. In 1755 he became pastor of the second church in Newport, P. I., where, in addition to his professional duties, he engaged in oriental, linguistic, literary, and scientific investigations. His congregation at Newport being broken up by the British occupation of the place in May, 1777, he removed to Portsmouth, N. II., to become pastor of the North church. In September of the same year he was elected president of Yale college, and shortly after professor of ecclesiastical history, and from 1780 was also professor of divinity. He published an "Account of the Settlement of Bristol" (1785), and "History of three of the Judges of Charles I." (1795); and he left an unfinished church history of New England, besides more than 40 volumes of manuscripts.

His life has been written by James L. Kingsley, in Sparks's "American Biography," 2d series, vol. vi.