George Lunt, an American author, born in Newburyport, Mass., Dec. 31, 1803. He graduated at Harvard college in 1824, studied law, and commenced the practice of the profession in his native town. While preparing for the bar he was principal of the Newburyport high school. He was several times a member of the state legislature, both as a representative and senator. He began to write and publish poetry at an early age. A small volume of his poems appeared in 1839, and another in 1843 entitled " The Age of Gold." In 1845 he delivered a poem before the Boston mercantile library association called " Culture," which was afterward published. In 1848 he removed to Boston, and in the following year was appointed by President Taylor United States district attorney for Massachusetts, and held the office till March, 1853. In 1857 he became editor of the " Boston Courier," a democratic daily journal, which he conducted for many years. He has published a volume of poems entitled "The Dove and the Eagle" (1851); "Lyric Poems " (1854); " Julia " (1855); "Eastford, or Household Sketches" (a novel), under the pseudonyme of Westley Brooke (1855); "Three Eras of New England, and other "Writings" (1857); "Radicalism in Religion, Philosophy, and Social Life " (1858); and " Origin of the Late War " (I866).