Hardeman ,.I. A N. W. county of Texas, separated from the Indian territory on the N. E. by the S. fork of Red river, and intersected by Pease river; area, 1,650 sq. m.; still unsettled. The surface is generally very broken, with high hills and narrow intervening valleys. The water, being impregnated with gypsum, is unpalatable. The county is better adapted for stock raising than for agriculture. II. A S. W. county of Tennessee, bordering on Mississippi, and traversed by Hatchie river; area, about 550 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 18,074, of whom 6,854 were colored. It has a generally level surface and a fertile soil. The Hatchie river is navigable at high water from its mouth in the Mississippi to this county, which is crossed by the Mississippi Central and the Memphis and Charleston railroads. The chief productions in 1870 were 32,930 bushels of wheat, 586,508 of Indian corn, 19,799 of oats, 15,138 of Irish and 32,143 of sweet potatoes, 83,872 lbs. of butter, and 7,884 bales of cotton. There were 2,684 horses, 2,202 mules and asses, 3,146 milch cows, 7,298 other cattle, 7,139 sheep, and 34,-936 swine.

Capital, Bolivar.