Hardecanute Hardacanute Harsicanute, or Hardiknut, the last of the Danish dynasty of English kings, born about 1017, died in Lambeth, June 8, 1042. He was the son of Canute The Great by Emma, daughter of Richard L, duke of Normandy, and widow of the deposed Saxon king Ethelred II., and previous to the death of his father was made viceroy of Denmark. Upon the death of Canute he neglected to assert his right to the throne of England, and allowed his stepbrother Harold to obtain Mercia and Northumbria, while Emma governed Wessex as the vicegerent of her son. Emma was finally obliged to retire to Bruges, and Harold held the whole country under obedience, Hardicanute meanwhile remaining in Denmark. Urged by his mother to dispossess the usurper, he was about to sail to England for that purpose, when he was met by a deputation of English nobles, who informed him of the death of Harold, and offered him the crown. He reigned from 1040 to 1042, and died of apoplexy, by which he had suddenly been rendered speechless four days before at a marriage feast.

He was a good-natured glutton, was never married, and was succeeded by his half brother Edward the Confessor.