Harbor Grace , a town and port of entry of Newfoundland, capital of a district of the same name, and the second town in population and importance in the colony, situated in the S. E. part of the island, on an inlet of the W. shore of Conception bay, 30 m. W. N. W. of St. John's; pop. in 1869, 6,770. It presents a handsome appearance from the harbor. The principal public building is the Roman Catholic cathedral, the dome of which is a prominent object upon entering the port; the interior is profusely decorated. The circuit court holds two sessions here annually, and a local court sits daily. The town contains several hotels, a grammar school and several elementary schools, a telegraph office, and a weekly newspaper. The harbor, which is about 5 m. in extent, is mostly exposed to the sea, but the portion where the wharves are built is sheltered by a beach, and is secure in all weathers. The cod and seal fisheries and commerce in their products are the principal business. The chief exports in 1872 were 72,508 quintals of codfish, 85,282 seal skins, 144,900 gallons of cod oil, 297,108 of seal oil, and 12,949 bbls. of herrings.