Hayel, Or Hail a city of Arabia, in Nedjed, capital of the sultanate of Shomer, situated in a plain between the mountain ranges Jebel Adja and Jebel Solma, lat. 27° 44' N., Ion. 42° 42' E., 240 m. N. E. of Medina; pop. in 1862, about 22,000. The walls, which are 20 ft. high, with bastioned towers and folding gates, surround an area capable of containing a population of 300,000, if its houses were closely packed as in European cities; but there are many large gardens, open spaces, and plantations within their circuit. The palace of the sultan with its pleasure grounds occupies nearly a tenth of the city. It is surrounded by a wall 30 ft. high, with semicircular bastions along its front, and a gateway flanked by high square towers. From the palace itself rises a massive oval tower 70 ft. high. The streets of the city are irregular, and most of the houses, which are generally of brick with flat roofs, are built about central courtyards. The surrounding plain is studded with houses and gardens, the country seats of wealthy citizens or of members of the ruling family.

Hayel is the centre of a thriving commerce.