Herod Antipas , the son of Herod the Great and Malthace, a Samaritan, born in Jerusalem. His father gave the main parts of his kingdom to Archelaus, another son, and assigned to Antipas the tetrarchy of Galilee and Peraea. He first married the daughter of Aretas, king of Arabia Petraea, and afterward Herodias, the wife of his half brother Herod Philip, then living. This involved him in a war with Aretas, who invaded his territory, and was also the first step toward the indulgence of the passion which resulted in the imprisonment and beheading of John the Baptist. He built the city of Tiberias, and adorned and fortified many other places in his province. Having gone to Rome to solicit the title of king, he was banished to Gaul (A. D. 39) by Caligula, on suspicion of being concerned in the conspiracy of Sejanus, and died in Spain. It was before this Herod, who had come to Jerusalem to celebrate the passover, that Pilate sent Jesus, as a native of his tetrarchy (Luke xxiii.).