Herrera ,.I. Francisco de, the elder, a Spanish painter, born in Seville in 1576, died in Madrid in 1656. He was a pupil of Luis Fernandez. By the boldness and spirit of his drawing and the clearness of his coloring he virtually found-ed a new school. His most noted picture is the "Last Judgment" in the church of St. Bernard in Seville. His "Holy Family' and "Outpouring of the Holy Spirit," in the church of St. Inez, and his frescoes in the cupola of St. Bonaventura, are also masterpieces. In his old age he went to Madrid, and painted in the cloister of la Merced Calzada several scenes from the life of San Ramon. He excelled in painting fairs and market scenes, and etched several plates from his own compositions. He also engraved on bronze, and was accused of uttering base coin. II* Francisco de, the younger, youngest son of the preceding, also a painter, born in Seville in 1622, died in 1685. He studied first with his father and then at Rome, and excelled in pictures of still life, flowers, and fish, for the last of which the Italians called him Il Spagnuolo del pesci. After his father's death he went to Seville and painted in the churches, but from jealousy of Murillo soon removed to Madrid, where he was appointed painter to the king and superintendent of the royal works.

His best pictures are the great altarpiece of the barefooted Carmelites, representing St. Hermendildo; the "Assumption of the Virgin," in the convent of Nuestra Senora de Atocha; and " St. Anne teaching the Virgin to Read," in the convent of Corpus Christi.