Hippolyte Adolphe Tade, a French author, born in Vouziers, April 21, 1828. He was educated at the Bourbon college, was connected with the normal school of Paris for five years, and since 1864 has been professor of the history and aesthetics of art in the school 6f fine arts. His Essai sur Tite Live (1854) received a prize from the French academy. His other works are: Voyage aux eaux des Pyrenees (1855); Les philosophes frangais du XIXe siecle (1856); Essais de critique et di'histoire (1857; second series, 1865); La Fontaine et ses fables (1860); Histoire de la litte-rature anglaise (4 vols., 1864); Idealisme anglais: etude sur Carlyle (1864); Le positi-visme anglais: etude sur Stuart Mill (1864); Philosophic de Part (1865); Philosophic de l'art en Italic (1866); Voyage en Italie (2 vols., 1866); Notes sur Paris (1867); L'ideal dans l'art (1867); Philosophic de l'art dans les Pays-Bas (1868); De l'intelligence (2 vols., 1869); Philosophic de l'art en Grece (1870); and Notes sur l' Angleterre (1874). Most of his works have been translated into English by Durand, Van Laun, Have, Rae, Fiske, and Stevens. In 1875 Taine began the publication of Les origines de la France eontemporaine, with a volume on the Ancien regime, which is to be followed by one on the revolution.