Hoare ,.I. William, an English painter, born about 1707, died in Bath in 1792. He painted portraits of Pitt, Grenville, Lord Chesterfield, the duke of Newcastle, etc, and several altar-pieces for churches in England. He was one of the original members of the royal academy. II. Prince, an English artist and author, eldest son of the preceding, born in Bath in 1754, died in Brighton in 1834. He studied in the royal academy and under Raphael Mengs at Rome. In 1799 he succeeded Boswell as foreign secretary to the royal academy. He wrote "Such Things Were," a tragedy, performed in 1788; " No Song, No Supper," a comic opera (1790); "The Cave of Tropho-nius" (1791); "Dido, Queen of Carthage" (1792); "The Prize" (1793); "My Grandmother" (1793); "The Three and the Deuce" (1795); "Lock and Key" (1796); "Mah-moud" (1796); "Julia" (1796); "A Friend in Need" (1797); "Chains of the Heart" (1802); "Partners" (1805); "Something to Do" (1808); and "An Inquiry into the Requisite Cultivation and Present State of the Arts of Design in England " (1806).