Immanuel Bekker, a German philologist, born in Berlin, May 21, 1785, died there, June 7, 1871. He studied at Halle under F. A. Wolf, and afterward in the royal library at . Paris (1810-'12), having in the interval been appointed professor of philology in the newly founded university of Berlin. In 1815 he was sent to Paris by the Berlin academy of sciences to collate the papers of Fourmont for the Corpus Tnscriptionum Grcecarum. In 1817 the academy sent him to Italy, in conjunction with Goschen, to edit the Institutes of Gaius, the manuscript of which had been discovered at Verona by Niebuhr, and to prepare an edition of Aristotle. He passed three summers in Milan, Venice, Florence, Ravenna, and Naples, and three winters in Rome. In 1819 he went again to Paris, and in the year following to Oxford, Cambridge, and London, and thence to Leyden and Heidelberg. He now resumed his duties as professor in the university of Berlin, and continued his labors in philology, especially in the Greek language. He published editions, with extensive critical notes, of the Anecdota Grceca, Plato, Theognis, Thucydides, the Athenian orators, Photius, Aristophanes, the scholia upon the Iliad, Aristotle, Harpocration and Moeris, and Pollux, the whole comprising 42 volumes.

He also furnished accurate texts of Apollodorus, Appian, Dio Cassius, Diodorus, Heliodorus, Herodian, Herodotus, Homer, Jo-sephus, Lucian, Pausanias, Plutarch's Parallels, Polybius, Suidas, Livy, and Tacitus. His part in the Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzartinae, published at Bonn, fills 24 volumes. In addition to these strictly classical labors, he busied himself with the remains of the Provencal romancers and song-writers, the results of his investigations appearing mainly in the periodicals of the Berlin academy. In the Homerische Blat- ter (Bonn, 1863) he published German notes upon Homer. Reminiscences of Bekker by his son were published in the Preimiche Jahr-b'dcher for May, 1872. *