Isaac Mckeever, an American naval officer, born in Pennsylvania in April, 1793, died in Norfolk, Va., April 1, 1856. He entered the navy as a midshipman in 1809, was made a lieutenant in 1814, and commanded one of a flotilla of five gunboats under the command of Lieut. Thomas ap Catesby Jones, which was captured by a British expedition upon Lake Borgne, La., in December, 1814. The gunboats mounted collectively 23 guns, and were manned by 182 men. The British expedition consisted of 42 large barges and other boats, manned by over 1,000 seamen and marines. The engagement, which was very severe, lasted more than three hours, and over 200 of the British were killed and wounded. Lieut. McKeever's vessel was the last one attacked, and he was severely wounded, together with most of his officers, before he surrendered. He became a commander in 1830, and a captain in 1838, performing much active service in both grades. He commanded the squadron on the coast of Brazil from 1851 to 1854. In 1855 he commanded the navy yard at Norfolk, Va.