Jacques Julien Ronton De La Billardiere, a French naturalist, born in Alencon, Oct. 23, 1755, died in Paris, Jan. 8, 1834. In 1786 he was sent on a scientific mission to Syria and Palestine, explored the mountains of Lebanon, and brought back a valuable collection of plants. The results of his journey were published in his Icones Plantarum Syrice rariorum Descriptionibus et Observationibus illustratce (4to, Paris, 1791-1812), with elegant drawings by Redoute. When the expedition under D'Entrecasteaux was sent in search of La Perouse in 1791, La Billardiere sailed on board the Recherche as naturalist, spent a few months at the Cape, visited many of the large islands and archipelagos in the Pacific ocean, and was finally taken prisoner at Java by the Dutch in October, 1793. His botanical collections, consisting of 4,000 plants, three fourths of which were of species previously unknown, were carried to England; but when, after a captivity of nearly two years, he returned to his native country, they were returned to him. In 1800 he was elected a member of the academy of sciences, and thenceforth devoted his whole time to arranging his botanical treasures and publishing the results of his observations.