Jan Jacob Van Oosterzee, a Dutch theologian, born in Rotterdam in 1807. He was educated at the university of Utrecht, studied theology, and entered the ministry of the Reformed church. He became pastor at Eemnes and at Alkmaar, and in 1844 was called to the charge of the principal church in Rotterdam; this post he occupied for 18 years, and established his reputation as the ablest pulpit orator and divine in the Reformed church in Holland. In 1862 he was appointed professor of systematic and practical theology at Utrecht. He has written in Dutch: "Image of Christ as presented in Scripture;" "Life of Jesus;" " Christology, a Manual for Christians who desire to know in whom they believe;" " John's Gospel, Apologetic Lectures;" "Theology of the New Testament;" and " Christian Dogmatics." For Lange's Bibelwerlc he wrote commentaries on the Gospel of St. Luke, the pastoral epistles, and the Epistles to Philemon and of St. James. Several of. his works have been translated into other languages; his commentaries, " Theology of the New Testament" (1870), and "Christian Dogmatics" (1874) into.

English. Van Oosterzee is also the founder and editor, with Doedes, of the " Dutch Annals of Scientific Theology".