Jean Victor Audouin, a French entomologist, born in Paris, April 27, 1797, died Nov. 9, 1841. He married the daughter of Alexandre Brongniart, with whom and with Dumas he established in 1824 the Annates des sciences naturelles. He succeeded Latreille as professor of entomology at the museum, obtained his diploma as a physician in 1826, became sub-director of the library of the institute, founder and president of the entomological society, and in 1838 member of the academy. At the request of the government he investigated the injury caused by insects to the silk and vine culture, and published the results of his observations in the annals of the academy and of the entomological society. He described Sa-vigny's zoological designs in the great work on Egypt published under the auspices of the government, contributed to various cyclopaedias, and published with Milne-Edwards, his collaborator in many other works, Recherches pour servir d l'histoire naturelle du littoral de la France (2 vols., Paris, 1830); and with Milne-Edwards and Blanchard, Histoire des insectes nuisibJes d la vigne, et particulierement de la pyrale, qui devaste les vignobles (Parjs, 1842).