Joel Mtnsell, an American printer, born in Northfield, Mass., April 14, 1808. He went to Albany in 1827, edited and published the " Albany Minerva " in 1828, and was publisher and editor of the "New York State Mechanic" from 1841 to 1843. He has compiled "Annals of Albany" (10 vols.. Albany, 1830-58); "The Typographical Miscellany" (1850); "Chronology of Paper and Paper Making" 1857); and" Every-Day Book of History and Chronology" (New' York, 1858). He has also published "Historical Series" (10 vols.), in great part edited and annotated by himself; "Woodwork's Reminiscences of the City of Trov;" and "Collections on the History of Albany" (4 vols., 1865-71), and numerous other works. He has at various times been the publisher of papers and periodicals, among which are the following dailies: the "Unionist," "Albany Daily State Register," "Albany Morning Express," and "Statesman." He has made the art of printing, in its history and application, a special study, and his collection of works on the subject, the largest ever made in America, has been in part purchased by the state for the New York state library.

In 1872 he published a catalogue with full titles of all the books and pamphlets he had printed down to that date, in 191 closely printed brevier pages, 8vo.