Cadahalso, Or Cadalso, Jose De, a Spanish author, born in Cadiz, Oct. 8,1741, died at Gibraltar, Feb. 27, 1782. He entered the army, distinguished himself in the war against Portugal, and afterward devoted himself to science and literature, and encouraged the literary eforts of Jovellanos and Melendez Valdes. War having broken out with England, he joined the army which invested Gibraltar, was promoted to the rank of colonel, and was killed by a shell. He wrote a tragedy, Sancho Garcia, which was published in 1771 under the name of Juan del Valle. Los eruditos a la violeta, a prose satire on superficial scholarship (1772), Los ocios de mi juventud, and Poesias (1773), were published under the name of Jose Vasquez. After his death was published Las cartas marruecas, his most popular prose work, in the style of Goldsmith's "Citizen of the World." His lyric poems, and especially his anacreontic odes, have given him a lasting place in Spanish literature. His complete works were published in the Coleccion de obras en prosa y verso (best edition, with biography by Navarrete, 3 vols., Madrid, 1818).