Karl Von Scherzer, chevalier, a German traveller, born in Vienna, May 1, 1821. He learned the trade of a printer, and was employed by Brockhaus in Leipsic and in the government printing establishment in Paris.

In company with Moritz Wagner he travelled in the United States, Central America, and the West Indies, from 1852 to 1855; and from 1856 to 1859 he was a member of the Austrian Novara expedition round the world. In 1869 he was placed at the head of an expedition to eastern Asia, and before returning to Europe went alone from Japan to California, and spent some time in Guatemala. In 1872 he was appointed Austrian consul general at Smyrna. He published works on his American travels, partly in conjunction with Wagner (1854-'7); his principal subsequent works are: Beschreibende Theile der Reise der österreichischen Fregatte Novara um die Erde (3 vols. 4to, Vienna, 1861-2); Aus dem Na-tur- und Völkerleben im tropischen Amerika (Leipsic, 1864); Statistisch-commerzieller Theil der Novara - Expedition (2 vols., Vienna, 1864; new ed., Leipsic, 1867, entitled Statis-tisch-commerzielle Ergebnisse einer Reise um die Erde); Fachmännische Berichte über die österreichisch-ungarische Expedition nach Si-am, China und Japan (Stuttgart, 1868-71); and La province de Smyme (1875).