Kirkcudbright, a S. W. county of Scotland, bordering on Solway frith, which separates it from the English county of Cumberland; area, 954 sq. m.; pop. in 1871, 41,852. With the county of Wigtown, which adjoins it on the west, and part of Ayr and Lanark, it forms the district of Galloway. Most of the district is hilly, and the N. W. part is mountainous; there are also several high peaks in the south. The principal summits are Black-larg in the north (2,890 ft. high), Cairnsmoor in the southwest (2,329), and Criffel in the southeast (1,831). The principal rivers are the Dee, Fleet, Ken, and Urr. Small lakes are numerous. About one third of the soil is capable of cultivation, and when properly manured is very fertile. Cattle of the famous Galloway breed are largely exported. The small Galloway horses were formerly reared here, but have been almost wholly replaced by a larger breed. The county is noted for excellent honey. Kirkcudbright is commonly called a stewartry instead of a shire, and has an officer termed a steward, whose duties correspond to those of a sheriff in other counties. - Kiekcudbright, the capital, is a seaport on the Dee, 6 m. from its confluence with the Sol-way frith, and 25 m.

S. W. of Dumfries; pop. in 1871, 2,470. It has few manufactures, but considerable trade in agricultural produce.