Kong, a mountain range of W. Africa, running E. and W. nearly parallel with the coast, on the N. frontier of Upper Guinea, and terminating on the Atlantic in a number of promontories, the principal of which are Capes Verga and Sierra Leone. Its E. termination is not defined. Du Chaillu extends the name to the mountains which, connecting with those just described near the river Niger, extend southward, in a direction generally parallel to the coast of Lower Guinea, and send off several branches toward the sea. One of these ramifications, the Serra do Cristal, extends from near Fernando Po island to the river Muni in lat. 1° N., and then returning inland rejoins the main range. Further inland, according to Du Chaillu, another offset called the Nkoomoo-Nabooalee mountains runs E. and W. The Kong mountains are very imperfectly known. The W. division does not exceed 2,500 ft. in average height, but in some places is believed to reach the limit of perpetual snow. Granite, marble, and limestone are the prevailing rocks.