Kurrachee, Or Karachi, .a seaport town of Sinde, India, in the presidency of Bombay, capital of a district of the same name, 91 m. S. W. of Hydrabad; pop. about 30,000. It is situated on a bay of its own name in the Indian ocean, W. of the delta of the Indus, and near the frontier of Beloochistan. It is built on a plain between the sea and a range of mountains, and has a spacious harbor, obstructed however by a bar which cannot be safely crossed by vessels drawing more than 16 ft. of water. A mole has been built by the British, and a road constructed from it to the town, which is about 3 m. distant. The point of Munorah, at the extremity of a promontory S. of the harbor, is fortified. As the only safe port in Sinde, Kurrachee is an important commercial centre, and it is the terminus of the Sinde railway, which connects it with Kotree, opposite Hydrabad on the Indus. A submarine telegraph gives it communication with Muscat and Alexandria. Kurrachee has warehouses, banks, and other requisites of a large trade, and maintains regular steam communication with several towns in India, Persia, Africa, and Europe. The annual imports and exports are estimated at $30,000,000. It exports camels, fish, hides, tallow, ghee, oil, oil seeds, bark, saltpetre, salt, indigo, cotton, and grain, and imports metals, hardware, cotton, silks, twist, and yarn, besides having an active transit trade with Cashmere, Afghanistan, Thibet, and Turkistan. It contains an English church and school.