Laszlo Szalay, a Hungarian historian, born in Buda, April 18, 1813, died in Salzburg, July 17, 1864. He studied at the university of Pesth, was admitted to the bar in 1833, was a member of the diet of 1839-40, and prepared with Deak and others the penal code adopted by the lower house. Having edited for some time the Themis, and subsequently the Budapesti szemle ("Buda-Pesth Review"), he succeeded Kossuth in July, 1844, as editor of the Pesti hirlap ("Pesth Journal"). In 1847-52 he published Statusferfiak konyve ("The Book of Statesmen "), a collection of political biographies. In 1848 he was sent by the Batthyanyi ministry as envoy to the provisional central government of Germany at Frankfort, whence he soon after retired to London, and subsequently resided in Switzerland, until allowed to return to Hungary about the beginning of 1861, where he became a prominent member of the diet at Pesth. His principal work is Magyarorszag tortenete (" History of Hungary," 6 vols., Leipsic and Pesth, 1850-'63; German ed., 1866 et seq.).