Leroy Madison Lee, an American clergyman, born in Petersburg, Va., April 30, 1808. He studied law, but entered the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal church in 1828. He occupied important stations in the Virginia conference till 1836, when he was appointed editor of the " Richmond Christian Advocate." He was a member of the general conference of 1844, and took an active part in the events which resulted in the division of the church, and likewise represented the Virginia conference in the convention at Louisville in 1845, when the organization of the Methodist Episcopal church, South, was effected. Retiring from the editorial management of the " Richmond Christian Advocate " in December, 1858, he resumed the work of the itinerant ministry, and is now (1874) presiding elder of the Petersburg district, Virginia conference. Besides occasional sermons, he has published "Letters to a Young Convert," " Life and Times of Jesse Lee" (Richmond, 1848), " Confirmation," and a small volume on "Perseverance."