Levi, the third son of Jacob and Leah, born in Mesopotamia, He and his brother Simeon caused the massacre of the Shechemites and the pillage of their city to avenge the wrong done to their sister Dinah. This action displeased their father Jacob, and the descendants of Levi therefore had no allotment in the division of Canaan, and were dispersed among the other tribes. The Levites were, however, set apart for the sacerdotal office, and were endowed with privileges and dignities above the other tribes. Moses and Aaron were of this tribe.

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I. A S. County Of Quebec, Canada

Canada I. A S. County Of Quebec, bounded N. by the St. Lawrence river, opposite Quebec; area, 256 1/2 sq. m.; pop. in 1871, 24,831, of whom 22,706 were of French and 1,290 of Irish origin or descent. It is watered by the Chaudiere river, and traversed by the Grand Trunk railway. H. Or Point Levi, a town, capital of the county, on the S. shore of the St. Lawrence, opposite Quebec, and at the terminus of the Grand Trunk railway; pop. in 1871, 6,691. It is the landing place for passengers arriving by steamer from Europe, and has an extensive shipping trade. It contains two telegraph offices, and several saw mills and factories.