Lilium Zeller, a German scholar, born at Kleinbottwar, Würtemberg, Jan. 22, 1814. He studied in Tubingen under Strauss and Baur, and in Berlin under Neander, lectured on theology in the former university, and was one of the founders of the Theologische JalxrMcher, the organ of the new Tubingen school. Despite the opposition of the orthodox Swiss, he was professor of theology at Bern from 1847 to 1849. In the latter year he became professor of philosophy at Marburg, in 1802 at Heidelberg, and in 1872 at Berlin. He has published Platonische Studien (Tubingen, 1839); Die Philosophie der Griechen (3 vols., 1844-'52; 2d ed., revised, 1856-'68; 3d ed., 1869-'76; English translation, " Socrates and the Socratic Schools," by O. J. Reichel, London, 1868, and "The Stoics, Epicureans, and Sceptics," by the same, 1869); Geschichte der christlichen Kirche (Stuttgart, 1847); Das theologische System ZwingWs (Tubingen, 1853); Die Apostelgeschichte nach ihrem Inlialt und Ursprung (Stuttgart, 1854; English translation, "The Acts of the Apostles critically Examined," by Joseph Dare, London, 1875); Vortídge und Abhandlungen (Leipsic, 1865; 2d ed., 1875-'6); Stoat und Kirche (1873); and David Friedrich Strauss in seinem Leben undseinen Schriften geschildert (1874; English translation, London, 1874).