Littorale, Or Properly Litorale, ( Lat. and Ital., belonging to the seashore; Ger. Kusten-land), a province of the Austro-Hungarian nomarchy, situated on the N. shores of the Adriatic sea and including the neighboring islands, comprising the counties of Gorz and Gradisca, the margraviate of Istria, and the district of Trieste; area, 3,085 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 600,525. The name was formerly applied to two strips of land on the northern shores of the Adriatic sea, of which the eastern, or the Hungarian Littorale, has often figured in Austrian history. It originally belonged to the Croatian military district, was converted into a civil district of Hungary by Maria Theresa, formed a part of the French province of Illyria under Napoleon, was retaken by Austria in 1814, reannexed to Hungary in 1823, occupied by Jellachich, ban of Croatia, in 1848, and attached to that province by Francis Joseph in 1849. Its principal places are Buccari and Porto Re, Fiume having been reincorporated with Hungary.