Lndowick Muggleton, an English fanatic, who in conjunction with John Reeve founded the sect of the Muggletonians, born in 1609, died March 14, 1697. He was a tailor, and in 1651 proclaimed himself and Reeve the "two last witnesses" mentioned in the Apocalypse, and armed with power to prophesy and to punish men. Muggleton professed to he the "mouth" of Reeve, as Aaron was of Moses. They began their mission by denouncing all religious sects, especially Ranters and Quakers. In 1656 appeared an exposition of their doctrines under the title of " The Divine Looking Glass." They held that God has the body of a man, that there is no distinction of persons in the Trinity, and that God, descending to earth and suffering on the cross, left Elias as Lis vicegerent in heaven during his absence. They were attacked by William Penn in a book called "The New Witnesses proved Old Heretics." Muggleton was arraigned at the Old Bailey for blasphemy in 1676. The first complete edition of his works was published in 1756. In 1832 another edition appeared in 3 vols. 4to, including his rhapsodies and those of Reeve, with several tracts by others.