Loango, a kingdom in Lower Guinea, on the W. coast of Africa, N. of the embouchureof the Congo or Zaire. The name is generally applied also to the entire coast land between Cape Lopez and the Congo. Of the three kingdoms now existing N. of the mouth of the Congo, viz., Loango, Kabinda or Angoy, and Kakongo, the first is the most powerful, and exercises at times a sort of supremacy over the others; but all three are supposed to have been not long ago dependencies of the king or emperor of Congo. The river Loango, called also Kakongo or Chiloango, is formed by the junction of the Lukulla and the Loango Luiz or Ruiz, and separates the territories of Loan-go and Kakongo. The northern and larger portion of Loango is known as Great Loango or Boali, the other as Little Loango or Chiloango. E. and N. of these coast lands lies a vast forest land, indefinitely and generally designated as Mayumba, which seems to constitute the slope of a range of mountains. Through the northern portion of Loango flows the Quillu. The rulers of these kingdoms are mere tools of the fetich priesthood, and their actions are in the minutest details controlled by innumerable quixilles, or prohibitions, resembling the Polynesian laws of tabu.

In recent times it has been very difficult to find a person willing to fill the post of king, and sometimes the throne is vacant for years, during which time the coffin of the deceased king remains unburied, and the priesthood rules in his name. There are numerous European factories or trading posts on the coast and rivers. Commerce is carried on principally in oil, gum, wax, ivory, coffee, cotton, dye woods, and copper.